Velpro Mesh Choke Free Harness and Leads

Finally, a REAL Choke Free harness is here. With the Velpro Mesh Choke Free Shoulder Collar Harness, you will fall in love with walking your pet again. You will no longer have to hear that awful choking, gagging noise for the Velpro Mesh Choke Free harness sits much lower than other traditional harnesses for it does not rest upon the pet's trachea. And, it goes on and off in an instant with it's velcro D-ring closure. No more buckles nor clips to mess with. It washes up nicely too, And, the superior mesh material is so durable yet it is so soft your pet will hardly know it is wearing a harness.  Choke Free customer's absolutely love it and say it is the best harness they have ever used making it a must have! Leashes are also available in 4 foot and 6 foot lengths. To order the correct size for your pet, begin by rapping a fabric measuring tape beginning directly behind the two front legs and wrapping it to form a complete circle around your pet. Take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING grand opening offer.




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