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100% Cotton and all embroidery Red, White, and Woof. 


You and your pet will absolutely love these T-Shirts for they are made of 100% cotton and each T-Shirt is all embroidered. With a large variety of designs and colors, you can surely choose a T-Shirt that fits your pets personality while adding a little warmth too. These T-Shirts wash up wonderfully so your pup can enjoy strutting their stuff day after day! We even have tea cup sizes for the tiny one in your life. See sizing below. 


Sizing: XXS (Body 7 inches, Neck 7 inches, Chest 10 inches) 2-3lbs

Sizing: XS (Body 8 inches, Neck 7 inches, Chest 12 inches) 3-5lbs

Sizing: SM (Body 9 inches, Neck 9 inches, Chest 13 inches) 5-7lbs

Sizing: MD (Body 11 inches, Neck 11 inches, Chest 15 inches) 8-11lbs

Sizing: LG (Body 13 inches, Neck 13 inches, Chest 17 inches) 12-17lbs

Sizing: XL (Body 15 inches, Neck 14 inches, Chest 21 inches) 18-24lbs

Sizing: XXL (Body 16 inches, Neck 16 inches Chest 24 inches) 25-40lbs