Revolutionary Pet Stroller

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Petique’s Revolutionary Pet Stroller is designed with a built-in shock absorber that provides your pets the
safest and smoothest travel for long walks. Even your senior or injured pets will continue to find comfort when
you come across bumpy turfs. We added quality mesh windows for optimal air circulation and multiple
storage compartments for an enjoyable time with your pets! This includes a spacious undercarriage, a
large back pocket, and a cup holder tray that holds up to two cups! As an extra perk to make traveling
with your pets even easier, you can fold the stroller completely flat with one hand to create maximum
storage for your closet or the trunk of your car!

• Product Size: 21.34”L x 37”W x 38”H
• Seat Space: 24.7”L x 13”W x 21”H
• Supports Pets Up to: 55 LBS
• Tested to meet the same requirements as juvenile standards
• No harmful chemicals
• Easy one-step double rear brake for optimal safety
• Large back pocket for cell phone, keys, treats, etc.
• Convenient and secure cup holder tray that holds up to two cups
• Large storage basket holds up to 5 LBS
• Supports pets up to 55 LBS
• Patented pee pad insert to contain messes and make cleaning up easier
• Front wheel has the options to lock or do a 360 degree swivel for a smooth navigation
• Quality mesh windows that provide optimal air circulation throughout the stroller
• Perfect for dogs, cats, and other animals who have just undergone surgery
• Pets who are disabled
• Pets with old age
• Pets who do not like to walk long distance
• Great exercise for humans who can also take their pets on longer journeys
• Puppies, kittens, and other new born animals that have not been vaccinated yet
• Pets who get anxious with the outside world, yet love the breeze and the fresh air
• Pets that need to be transferred from point A to point B (ex: the vet)
• Finally take your cats, bunnies, and other animals